InHisVerse Basic is free software. Each download includes a free 30 day trial of IHV Extras. Download from Olsen's Apps or CNET.Com.

Release History

Version 2.10 Released 9.6.2021

- Enhance search functionality so that fewer characters are needed when navigating to chapter:verse - i.e 'jo 1:1' now navigates to John 1:1

- The cross-reference panel now loads up to 4,000 entries by default, with an 'All' command that loads every occurrence. A menu option overrides this new functionality.

Version 2.01 Released 5.7.2021

Fixed internet connection issue, add close button to advertisement.

Version 2.00 Released 3.27.2021

Version 2 incorporates the final Berean Study Bible with paragraph headings. Faster load time, better support for monitor resolutions and font sizes, with many other small enhancements.

Version 1.63 Released 11.18.2020

Fixed issue with main menu shortcut keys not working sometimes. Fixed bug with omitted KJV Greek words.

Version 1.62 Released 10.22.2020

Fixed minor UI bug.

Version 1.61 Released 10.14.2020

Fixed several UI bugs; no need to uninstall before update.

Version 1.60 Released 09.30.2020

Redesigned activation form, fixed bugs

Version 1.50 Released 04.03.2020

Added Greek Transliteration to definition. 

Version 1.40 Released 01.06.2020

New Feature! Search Strong's dictionary for Greek word; matches any part of your search term.

Fixed a few minor bugs. New Year's release.

Version 1.30 Released 12.02.19

Shortened name to InHisVerse Bible.

Small bug fixes.

Version 1.22 Released 10.25.19

Bug fixes.

Version 1.21 Released 6.13.19

Minor bug fix.

Version 1.20 Released 5.30.19

Fix outline of Mark 7:20.

Version 1.06 Released 5.14.19

Fix to uninstall digital signature & operating system parameters.

Version 1.05 Released 5.04.19

Minor spelling correction. New digital signature.

Version 1.02 Released 4.30.19

Tiny Bug Fix. Add digital signature.

Version 1.01 Released 4.27.19

First release.. All the IHV Basics and Extras functions now available to the public.

I expect a second release in a couple of weeks, once digital signature is set up.