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Every word outlined with Strong's Greek / Hebrew definitions, concordance and extra tools you need to help fully understand scripture.

Outline Panel
Every verse is fully outlined with its original Strong's Greek or Hebrew definition alongside a transliteration. Even words omitted from English translation are included. Highlight any word to discover its meaning and usage.

Examination Panel

Cross- Reference Panel
See how the word was used in other passages. Many words have multiple meanings that bring out truth not obvious to the English reader. Click on any verse to view it in the outline panel. Concordance handles up to 7,000 occurrences of a word.

Word Use Concordance

Definition Panel

Synchronized with the outline panel are Greek and Hebrew lexicon definitions from Strongs, Berean, Thayer and Brown, which show pronunciation, word origin and the ways the word was translated in the Berean Study Bible.

Detailed Definitions

Reading Panel
Mix up your study by reading a chapter, then examining each verse. InHisVerse is based on the Berean Study Bible, which I've found to one of the most accurate and concise versions available.

Reading Panel

Easy Navigation
Navigate to your reading choice with a single, responsive navigation dialog.

Easy Navigation

Find Passages Quickly
Search for either single or multiple words. Partial, wildcard matches are returned along with exact matches. Chapter and verse can be entered as search criteria (e.g. John 1:1).

Find Passages Quickly

Adjust Font Sizes
Starting with V2, Adjust the font size to your preference. Both font size and screen layout persist between executions. Reset the screen layout using the Edit menu.

Change Font Size

IHV Basic Is Free Software
Includes a 30 day trial of InHisVerse Extras. After the trial, functionality will be limited to what is described on this page.

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