InHisVerse User Support Help

To keep this help file compact, all screenshots are from InHisVerse for iPhone; iPad and Windows versions have much more screen area.

The Main Screen

InHisVerse is built around four panels: Outline, Reading, Definition and Cross-Reference. The panels coordinate with each other. For instance, when you choose Eph 5:20, the Outline panel is built with every Greek word wrapped with its Strong's definition. At the same time, a Definition panel is loaded with additional word definitions and usage information, with every usage cross-referenced so you can see how the word is used in context. Touching any outlined word or cross-reference immediately updates all panels to the information chosen. Plus, after an initial trial period expires, those who purchase InHisVerse Extras are able to use BibleHub integration, Bookmarks, History and any future planned enhancement permanently.

Settings: Font Size, Screen Reset
Use the settings button to increase or decrease font size. Press Reset Layout if you notice a panel is not working properly.


Navigation from book, chapter, verse is designed to be easy. To get started press the navigate button shown below.
Then choose the book, chapter and verse. Double tap or press 'accept' to navigate to the verse.

Other Ways To Navigate

Swipe left or right in the Outline or Reading panel to advance to the next chapter or verse.
Or, use the following buttons to go backward or forward by chapter, verse or word.

A Special Home Button

After exploring cross-references and differing definitions, use the 'home' button to bring you back to the last verse selected in the Reading panel.

Resizing Panels

Use the small left-right and up-down arrows in between panels for resizing. On iPhones, use the up or down transparent arrow to quickly grow and shrink the definition panel.

4 Interconnected Study Panels

InHisVerse has four interconnected reading panels: Outline, Reading, Definition and Cross-Reference. Let's take a detailed look at how they work.

Outline Panel

Every word in the current verse is wrapped with its Strong's definition to give you a better view of the author's intent, that can easily be lost in translation. Either the first word (iPhone) or first non-common word (iPad, Windows) is highlighted and the Definition and Cross-Reference panels are loaded. Every word listed in the outline can be selected. Swipe right or left to advance to the previous/next verse.

In this case, for this help file I've chosen the word 'giving thanks' (eucharisteo) as it is a good word to do a Greek word study on.

Reading Panel

Like all Bible apps, the Reading panel is convenient when you are searching for a phrase or reading a chapter. Swipe right or left to go to the next or previous chapter.

Definition Panel

The Definition panel contains the Strong's, Berean and Thayer/Brown definition for the word. Etymology links are shown so you can explore original root words. In addition, links displaying how the word was translated are at the end of the list. InHisVerse Extras users can explore further by viewing expanded information on BibleHub.Com (Internet Required), use the Greek Inspector or perform a Synonym Search, bridging the gap between Greek and Hebrew words.

In this example, the origin etymology eventually link eucharisteo back to root words meaning 'grace, kindness, joy.'

Cross-Reference Panel

The Cross-Reference panel shows every place this word is used. It can be very surprising how the full meaning of a word just cannot be conveyed in an English translation. Select any cross-referenced verse to examine it in context; use the 'home' button to return to the current verse.

Search Button

Use the search button to search for a word, phrase or to navigate to a specific verse in the Reading panel. Searches are performed on the currently selected translation (BSB).

Search Dialog

Enter either a word, e.g. "grace," or a phrase e.g. "give thanks," or a scripture reference e.g. "eph 1:5". The currently selected bible version is searched and results are returned in the Cross-Reference panel.

Search Results

Search results are returned in the Cross-Reference Panel, ordered by New Testament first. Partial matches are listed next, ordered by how many words separate them. Select any match to expand it in the Outline, Reading and Definition panels.

BibleHub, Greek Inspector, Synonym Search

These three tools make it easier to research the meaning of the word you are studying. InHisVerse Extras purchase required.

Greek Inspector (Extras)

The Greek Inspector makes it easier to find Greek root words and their offshoots. To find related words, move the cursor so that only part of the word is highlighted. Results are listed automatically when highlight changes. When a row is selected, the Definition and Cross-Reference panels are loaded. The Greek Inspector panel can be resized and moved easily. To reset, use Tools->Reset Layout. InHisVerse Extras purchase required.
In this instance, I have highlighted a root word, it returns matches that would have been easy for a native Greek speaking reader to understand. The basis of the word Eucharisteo (giving thanks) is Chara (joy) which is related to Charis (grace) - I'm sure that's why they call it good news!

Synonym Search (Extras)

To find Greek and Hebrew words that have similar meaning, use Synonym Search. I use it to find Hebrew words that are synonyms of the Greek word I'm studying. Dictionary definitions and alternate word translations are searched and the results are returned in the Outline Panel. InHisVerse Extras purchase required
Select any entry in the results panel to view the full definition and every cross-reference.

Definitions on BibleHub.Com (Extras)

The currently viewed verse and word are linked automatically with This means that when you press BibleHub from the Definition panel, you can inspect the word at a deeper level. InHisVerse Extras purchase and internet connection required.

Parallel Translations on BibleHub.Com (Extras)

Press the Parallel button to view the verse in over 30 translations. InHisVerse Extras and internet connection required.

Topical Bible on BibleHub.Com (Extras)

Press the Topical button to view topics associated with this verse. InHisVerse Extras and internet connection required.

Commentaries on BibleHub.Com (Extras)

Press the Comment button to view numerous scholarly commentaries on the current verse. InHisVerse Extras and internet connection required.

Sermons on BibleHub.Com (Extras)

Press the Sermon button to view classic sermons on this verse. InHisVerse Extras and internet connection required.

History (Extras)

Press History to view a complete list of every navigation; easily return to a verse you previously studied. InHisVerse Extras required.

Bookmarks (Extras)

Press Add Bookmark to save the current verse as a bookmark. The latest additions appear on a quick buttons. Press 'Bookmarks' to view all bookmarked verses. InHisVerse Extras required.