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InHisVerse Bible Dictionary

InHisVerse Bible Dictionary

InHisVerse Bible Dictionary

Study the Scriptures Like a Bible Translator

Your PC looks up the Greek/Hebrew word for you, so you can spend time considering how wonderfully Biblical words and concepts fit together.  Church leaders will enjoy creating in-depth and accurate Bible word studies in half the time with much less work.

    -  An easy way to familiarize yourself with the Greek and Hebrew languages.

    -  Perfect for those who choose slow, contemplative Bible study methods.

    -  Every word outlined with its original definition.

This is an example of how words are defined in InHisVerse Bible Dictionary. Greek Word Arche is also defined as 'chief'

    -  Click on the word to reveal deeper information, including....

    -  How each word is pronounced, it's origin, how it was translated.

    -  Detailed definitions from Strong's, Thayer's, Brown's and Berean Study Bible dictionaries.

InHisVerse Bible Dictionary lets you clearly understand the word's definition including unique alternate ways the word was used.

    -  Every verse that uses the word is presented in a full concordance.

    -  So you can learn the shades of meaning and plays on words known only to native speakers.

InHisVerse Bible Dictionary gives a clear understanding of  the word's definition by viewing it in a concordance, context, showing how it was used.

    - In this example, John starts his Gospel talking about the 'beginning,' but unknown to the English reader, the Greek word arche is also used to describe a ruler, implying a creator always existed.

    -  These features (IHV Basic) are freeware; totally free of charge.

    -  As a bonus, you'll receive a 30 day free trial of InHisVerse Extras. Find out more Here


A Great Way To Learn Basic Greek & Hebrew

InHisVerse Bible Dictionary has everything you need to perform in-depth word studies with an ease linguists could only dream of.