Software Privacy Policy

Olsen’s Apps LLC takes privacy seriously. In the software, while fetching information from Olsen's Apps server for advertisements, license validation and other essential functionality, the user's anonymous Internet Protocol Address (IP) may be stored on Olsen’s Apps server, a common practice used by many websites. When activating InHisVerse Extras, the software activation key, your name and email are encrypted and transmitted to Olsen’s Apps servers along with your Windows username and machine ID. After initial activation, weekly checks are performed to verify activation key has not been used elsewhere. A total of 3 different user/machine id pairs can be assigned per activation key, but only one active pair will be treated as active. Use of a previously activated combo will deactivate other copies. New version checks are also performed as part of this process. These checks will continue to be performed as long as this product is being sold. When software is off the market, the original licensed activation will remain active, but transfers will be disabled.

The software may contain a web browser that interacts with the internet. The web browser is open source, it has not been modified in any way  Privacy while browsing is subject to the individual websites visited,